Energy Management

Energy Management & Savings in Eugene

As power costs continue to rise, energy management investments pay for themselves faster than ever. Our home community of Eugene-Springfield is known throughout the nation for its leadership on the energy efficiency front. Thanks to that and our own inclination to help keep our customers’ operating costs down, Harvey & Price is knowledgeable and experienced at improving efficiency.

New Construction

The most effective way to obtain energy savings is by planning for the greatest efficiency from the ground up. Harvey & Price provides design and installation expertise on energy management for new construction. We provide everything from single-project assistance to full-service mechanical contracting.


Making modifications to existing systems, or installing new systems within an existing building, also pays off. Harvey & Price has been involved with dozens of projects that result in impressive energy savings.

Maintenance & Savings Identification

It’s not uncommon to uncover opportunities for operational improvements that save energy without any change in equipment or capital investment. This is where our team’s understanding of many types of systems, and knowledge of the intended interactions between them, pays off. Through scheduled maintenance or an energy audit, we can identify ways to make immediate gains in efficiency.

Energy Management Services

  • New Construction

  • Retrofits

  • Maintenance & Savings Identification

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