Fire Protection

Fire Protection Systems in Eugene

Fire protection and prevention services are not just about complying with permitting and other regulations; they protect the significant investment that any facility represents. Quality equipment and expert design are critical in this field: Unlike many other systems, it’s not immediately evident when the system is not functioning. With the stakes so high, it’s essential that you choose a contractor, system and maintenance provider that you would literally trust with your life.

Design, Engineering, Installation and Maintenance

Dozens of developers and facility owners have chosen Harvey & Price for the job. We’ve been in the business since the infancy of the fire protection industry and we know what works best. While we’re for hire for the individual components of a project, we strongly believe in the value of choosing us for the entire job, from design, engineering, installation and routine maintenance and testing.

Harvey & Price provides the following fire protection and prevention services:

  • Full design capabilities with a professionally trained design team
  • Special hazard systems for computer and equipment rooms
  • Maintenance & Savings Identification
  • NFPA compliance
  • Full Fire Protection – 24-Hour Emergency On-Call Service
  • Fire Extinguisher Service

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